It’s always odd writing a bio in third person when everyone really knows it’s you writing about yourself.

I was once an artist-in-denial, trying to keep it as a self-sustaining hobby. Then I turned to art, fully, hoping to inspire others to look deeper and care more about our natural world.

Then I found yoga, which is really a total unraveling of all the things you think you are, to reveal, layer by layer, a truer nature, and a fuller version of yourself.

Now, I teach and direct Estuary Yoga Space alongside my husband Andrew and our greyhound fur babies Aria and Suri, with the occasional glow of moonlighting as an artist.

Commissions :: currently open, particularly if it involves animals, tattoos, paper, walls or portraits of beloved creatures (humans included).

If you’d like to chat more about art, yoga, or anything in between, you can contact me via email (lucyyu@me.com)

Oh and for what it’s worth, below you’ll find an ‘official’ bio 🙂


Lucy Yu is a Melbourne-based illustrative artist, whose work brings together elements of nature and expressions of beauty, often with an air of surrealism. She has exhibited in New Zealand, Australia and the USA, and continues to explore collaborative and commissioned projects.

Alongside creative endeavours, she is also a yoga teacher, an advocate for mindful living and finding joy in life’s simple moments.

For more work, visit Lucy’s Behance portfolio HERE.




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